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*marijuana does not kill brain cells
*nobody has ever died from marijuana
*marijuana is not toxic
does not cause cancer
does not impair ones motor skills
*marijuana does not weeken immune system
does cause short term memory loss only during the high
it is scientificaly proven that marijuana increases brain cell growth
*marijuana has never been proven to be mentally or physically damaging ill explain this in a further article its a deep subject

*tobacco is toxic marijuana is not
 *tobacco is the highest addictive drug available, even to my surprise

*tobacco takes over 450,000 lives every year
*tobacco is grown with radioactive chemicals
*tobacco is the leading killer in america

alcohol is a very toxic substance that does severe liver damage along with one of your favorite aspirin tylenol both can kill you especially if taken at the same time thats a cocktail from hell also alcohol is made from rotten grains,sugar, and yeast so maybe youll think twice before drinking a rotten substance covered up with the word "fermented"

*alcohol is toxic
*alcohol is number two killer in america
*alcohol kills over 85,000 people per year
*alcohol impairs your motor skills
*you are at risk for car accidents with drunk drivers on the road

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